Monday, September 24, 2007

goodbye canyon

last day of work was a really smooth one. Most customers know that canyon is closing and was actually pleasantly happy and some were clueless but the last day of the season was that day. We were having mixed feelings and some of us knew that the end of a great season is here but we were all there to enjoy ourselves.
We did our deep cleaning on the 16th of sept and took tons of pictures and later we had a great party at lisa's place and then to the survivors party itself late into the night.
The finale was great , this will be an experience that i will never forget and the friends i made never forgotten ! :)
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Sunday, September 23, 2007

canyon survivor party =)

pre party preparations

ok good to go by security


jim our location manager playing barkeep for the day :)_
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lisa's pre-survivor party. canyon ROCKS!! :)

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last day deep cleaning at canyon ! final countdown

front desk work warrior

activity desk work queen

front desk so large we can take the inside and corrie upside keke

the gang falling in
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last day at work in canyon 15th

louis my manager at arms

jaxine also a jewek to have around

my boss lisa
will miss you all !!!
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last trek to the grand canyon of the yellowstone

on the day before i left i went to the canyon one last time to see the grand canyon of yellowstone with my taiwanese friend yu-chi. We happened to be off on the same day and decided to go for the hike one last time.
We trekked through the whole canyon till uncle toms point and hitched a hike back from a kind taiwanese guy on vacation to yellowstone from canada. He was a kind young guy with a japanese girlfriend and had japanese music playing in his car ! :)
The trek was fun with yu-chi wanting to go all the falls except for the artists point trail. It was truly a one last trek for us.

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last day at canyon

corrie my corrie

joe and friends

tamarak the greatest tour driver of the world

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first snow in canyon

It snowed on the 9th of september and this is a back dated post but still nevertheless a post as i post. I remember i was on the sunday morning shift and went back at 2.15pm and was slacking around my room and surfing the net till i saw something slow falling off the outside of the window.

Omg it was snow, it was the first time in my life i saw snow ! I was so excited and the sight of seeing snow so pumped me up that i immediately went outside to take some quick shots and changed my clothes and went running !. Omg, i was just wearing my survivor tshirt and pants to run in the snow. Ohh my what a wrong move that was. I was freezing and my hands were numb in the freezing cold. It was really a bad ideal to go out running with no protection in the cold at the highest lodge in yellowstone lol.
When i went back there was a sense of satisfaction but the snow had already stopped. That to me was a good sneak preview of the heavier snow to come for yellowstone which i would expect in october. So have fun with the picture!

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Saturday, September 1, 2007

mt washburn quick hike and quick post

me and boyan halfway through

very windy ! power winds

climbing up unbeaten tracks

the moonset and its getting dark :P

here are also some video i took at the summit of mt washburn have fun looking at them
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farewell to allyson !

Farewell to allyson ! You have also been an inspiration to me and also i believe many others and i wish you well for your future takings and remember to keep in touch !. Have a great time back in school allyson!
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