Saturday, June 30, 2007

some radom photo to see

to blog 30th june
hi there, been a while i posted. Was very busy this few days and have little time for posting . But now i am going to post this before i sleep as the next day i have an early morning shift.

Today was a hectic day , with lots of work and guests with many types of enquires. Very really busy till got no time to go to toilet till the last minute.

So hopefully for my break i will be able to go for more hiking and going over to mammoth to see my friends and say hi to them
i wanted to do that because i was very surprised that they were here . Maria from romania came to see me and 2 days ago , the guys from mammoth saw me in the edr. Wow really surprised and shocked they would go all over the place. Really very impressed.
Ok now i will post some previous group photos that i have not managed to post. Ok have fun back there and best wishes to kelly , jasmine , yi hui and all back in mammoth.

Ps: hopefully will be about to go to the parade for the 4th of july celebrations

Mother and father i miss u :)

signing out
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Friday, June 29, 2007

at the nps new visitor center at canyon and goofing around :P

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goofing around canyon lodge with allyson

canyon lodge complex

yellowbus at canyon

outside the front desk :)
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roughrider angela go angela go :)

thinking if this can be a lobby :P ?
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buffalo crossing :P

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outside views , really very magnificient

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second day at work and feeling better

to blog
today is my second day at canyon and i was like mad rash at the front desk. However i learnt a lot today at the front desk and am now abit more confident with basic transaction. My work mates and colleagues are really cool as they are the really outing and outspoken type. And my colleagues corries and kala are really what i call the dream team. I think most of them are leaving during the august period which will leave me and few staff left.

However by august i believe the season will off peak and everyone will finish off when winter comes as canyon is not open for the winter which falls around the end of september. I am fortunate to meet with all my new friends however i think i would need more time with them to get to know them better.

I am quite surprised that many of my colleagues have also not done much travelling too. Many of them have not even been to asia too. Going to try to chat them up to see if i can get to know them better.
Ok guys this is a short blog and i will post some of my other pictures of my external of my domitary at bighorn later. Thanks
btw going to post some pictures which mc took in his trip with his taiwan friends
and yes pictures of me and allyson walking around the new visitor center and goofing around too :P


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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

fires in yellowstone

vast lands are desvastated to make way for new sprouts
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posting out day

to blog

today was posting to actual location day and it was total chaos and a pleasant lady came and pick us up to the different locations. We managed to take some parting shots and i managed to see roosevelt when we were dropping angela and the cabin was really rough rider !!! wow , it is like super roughrider but it looks old western enough for really close interaction.
Later i met with my friends who are already over in canyon and i must say that canyon is really in a high elevation and my friends are all really working their asses out. But nevertheless they were all holding on at the moment.

Really nervous about tomorrows first day at work and i will surely bring my manual and just some photos to share with you :)
signing off
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farewell oak :P

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farewell till we meet again

To blog 26th june,
farewell to jasmine, angela , siew ling, germen(sorry if i spelt wrongly) , kelly , yi hui and all the . taiwan babes. Will miss you all and we all had a good time here. Thank you for your companies. Hope we will keep strongly in touch via email ! . thank you everyone for the close acquaintances that you all have provided. Have fun at mammoth !!
i believe that mammoth have still got lots of secret treasures for us to experience and be assured that i will still go back to meet with you all !

Have fun and remember to think of me lol
btw my photos have achieved the 1gig benchmark (excluding videos) , hope to fill up my 120gig hdd lol :)
will post my cabin photos too whenever possible :)

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

last day of training

o blog 26 june 2007
i just finished my training as a gsa and i very excited and abit nervous into getting into my new post over here. Although i have been been training, i have not have been on my own . But it was a truly enriching experience shadowing the front desk. Its very kind of great watching them work. Very professional ! .

yesterday night the temperature hit to a low of 1 degrees Celsius and some of the people were talking about it . No wander last night was so cold as i was making my way to the toilet outside. Although it dropped to 1 degrees , it never snowed. Keke
i will be moving to canyon tomorrow which i heard that the place was huge and there are more then 600 rooms in the location. Wow , and that is really a huge place which makes it scarily when i need to work there.

I am now in my cabin typing and i can see and hear many american families having their summer vacation here and enjoying the fresh mountain air , which really made me hope that my family was here to enjoy what nature can give them.
For sure one day i will revisit this vast land and enjoy whatever this land can offer .

Bought my lip balm today as i cannot stand my dry lips which were swollen due to the dry weather and am going around to take photographs with angela of all the buildings around in mammoth. Will try to post them when i am in canyon.
Ok will keep this post short and all stay well and healthy over in singapore and such. Will hope to see more comments and shouts in my shoutbox ! Thanks everyone !

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a write up on the third day

to blog 25 june 2007
today is a really cool and sunny day in the alps. Its really relaxing sitting in the sun with my laptop and cool wind . It really is a good feeling. Its like suntaning without the need to take off my clothes.

Very soon i will be posted to another location in the national park and hopefully i will meet more friends from all over the world.
The cute thing here is that there are lots of wildlife that i dun get to see in singapore. These are temperate wildlife. Like rabbits and squirrels and large birds and such. Really interesting mix of really cool things in such temperate conditions . Its almost like san grila .
Will post some pictures of me sitting on the ledge and enjoying the sun and wildlife for you all to see. Seem to miss this place as i have gotten used to the weather , but my lips are still dry like swollen kisses lol .
It is a feeling you must experience to enjoy. Ed my room buddy has gone to hike and take nature pictures and i am left here with angela while we play with all our high tech gadgets.

Angela is moving on to roosevelt which is quite a small place with a cowboy range and wagons and coolouts. It seems really cool but i is very small and does not have wifi. This does not go well with angela and now she is hoping to stay on in mammoth or go over to another bigger location.

Lucky for me , the location i am going is huge and my three friends are there. And they have already booked a bed for me . Wow damn on man they all lol .

However canyon is a huge village with lots of activities and lodges and hence i believe it will be more busy now that the season has peaked. Hopefully i will get a good position there where the job is not that tedious.
Today i saw some korean tourists and wow is really comforting to know that even asians are also here in bulk to enjoy what america can give. Thoese koreans however spoke really good english , i wonder if they are abk ?

Met some taiwanese girls and 2 very shy japanese girls yesterday and find them abit different from us , from the way they dress and move and present themselves . Well i must say we singaporeans are the more think skinned ones LOL
ok i will sign out for now . And the weather is just too agreeing with me that i feel like moving my bed outside to sleep in the sun hehe.
Two more days before i meet kwang wee , meng chang and heramb. I believe they must be eagerly waiting for me to come back.
I was really surprised that i can make so many friends in less then 5 days and i hope that these friendships will be lasting ones !
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gsa class of 26th gratuating

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angela ed and me :)

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