Wednesday, June 27, 2007

farewell till we meet again

To blog 26th june,
farewell to jasmine, angela , siew ling, germen(sorry if i spelt wrongly) , kelly , yi hui and all the . taiwan babes. Will miss you all and we all had a good time here. Thank you for your companies. Hope we will keep strongly in touch via email ! . thank you everyone for the close acquaintances that you all have provided. Have fun at mammoth !!
i believe that mammoth have still got lots of secret treasures for us to experience and be assured that i will still go back to meet with you all !

Have fun and remember to think of me lol
btw my photos have achieved the 1gig benchmark (excluding videos) , hope to fill up my 120gig hdd lol :)
will post my cabin photos too whenever possible :)

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