Friday, June 29, 2007

second day at work and feeling better

to blog
today is my second day at canyon and i was like mad rash at the front desk. However i learnt a lot today at the front desk and am now abit more confident with basic transaction. My work mates and colleagues are really cool as they are the really outing and outspoken type. And my colleagues corries and kala are really what i call the dream team. I think most of them are leaving during the august period which will leave me and few staff left.

However by august i believe the season will off peak and everyone will finish off when winter comes as canyon is not open for the winter which falls around the end of september. I am fortunate to meet with all my new friends however i think i would need more time with them to get to know them better.

I am quite surprised that many of my colleagues have also not done much travelling too. Many of them have not even been to asia too. Going to try to chat them up to see if i can get to know them better.
Ok guys this is a short blog and i will post some of my other pictures of my external of my domitary at bighorn later. Thanks
btw going to post some pictures which mc took in his trip with his taiwan friends
and yes pictures of me and allyson walking around the new visitor center and goofing around too :P


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