Tuesday, June 26, 2007

last day of training

o blog 26 june 2007
i just finished my training as a gsa and i very excited and abit nervous into getting into my new post over here. Although i have been been training, i have not have been on my own . But it was a truly enriching experience shadowing the front desk. Its very kind of great watching them work. Very professional ! .

yesterday night the temperature hit to a low of 1 degrees Celsius and some of the people were talking about it . No wander last night was so cold as i was making my way to the toilet outside. Although it dropped to 1 degrees , it never snowed. Keke
i will be moving to canyon tomorrow which i heard that the place was huge and there are more then 600 rooms in the location. Wow , and that is really a huge place which makes it scarily when i need to work there.

I am now in my cabin typing and i can see and hear many american families having their summer vacation here and enjoying the fresh mountain air , which really made me hope that my family was here to enjoy what nature can give them.
For sure one day i will revisit this vast land and enjoy whatever this land can offer .

Bought my lip balm today as i cannot stand my dry lips which were swollen due to the dry weather and am going around to take photographs with angela of all the buildings around in mammoth. Will try to post them when i am in canyon.
Ok will keep this post short and all stay well and healthy over in singapore and such. Will hope to see more comments and shouts in my shoutbox ! Thanks everyone !

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