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hi people . I am just settling down in yellowstone and i find it a very beautifull place except for the cold weather and dry atmosphere. In this country i can really see the vastness of earth and america as a nation. The people working here are international and my cabin mate is a middle aged man from colorado with is really pleasant and approachable. He is retired and is really a fit and nice guy to speak with. We spoke about american culture and politics and everything under the sun.
i kind of like started to settle into the pace of life here in mammoth yellowstone but very soon sadly in three days time we would have to part to different locations once we finish our gsa training.

My class lecturer is meg doran , an american with a sweet accent and she just got married in washington in march this year. She is really cool and sweet and polite. Really deserved her status as a permanent employee.
My classmates are allyson from utah , maria from romania , ed from colorado , jasmine from singapore, angela from singapore , yi hui from taiwan jasmine from singapore , mrtyer from serbia. The class is quite diverse and everyone is starting to get used to each other
my colleage would be allyson who has worked in yellowstone in the last summer. She is a pleasant easy going girl who has a determination to quit her smoking habit. Go girl ! . btw we will be moving over to canyon lodge (which is very big bigger then mammoth) when the training is over. I kind of like will miss our training days ! :)

today i and three female friends hiked the whole beavers pond trail in mammoth. It is like 5 miles of real highland beauty and bear country. We managed to see a bear scavenging for food ¾ off on the trail. The whole alphine scenery was picture perfect and unbelievable. Never have i seen such seasonal beauty real life . Everytime i see beautifull scenery i was always on the tv or in magazine like nature or national geographic. The pond and the trees and the mountain all gelled together to form a pictureque sight. This is the reason why people come to yellowstone . Not to sleep in cabins but to enjoy all the nature yellowstone can give us.
I was abit of homesick in the first few days because i was not able to contact my parents as there was no signal on my handphone and i dun have a calling call to call back. But now i have a calling card and i have emailed to my brother but will no reply. This makes me really pissed off but i will try to sms send my brother and father messaged and hope that they reply to my email.
Overall this american experience is great , the first time that i sat a plane non stop. From the largest 747 plane to the smallest private 20 seater jet from jetway. Wow that was a really overwhelming experience.
Meeting many people and getting to see all sorts of situations.

Oh yes did i mention that my travel mate mc happened to get into some situation while at the salt lake city airport ? But it was all good and mild and i dun think i want to talk about it. Its just a situation. Btw salt lake city is really beautifull and big !!! . the domestic airport we landed on was a delta owned airport and it was really bright and sunny. The airport was right in the middle of some salt fields and it was amazing.

Via flying on the domestic flight did i get to see the vastness of the american lands.
Ok i think i will sign off for now as i think i have typed too much. I will post the pictures which i transferred from my laptop and will post more as the pictures were also on the 3 other girls cameras.
Tonight will try to get wireless internet access so i can post this message
and get ready for the barrage of pictures we took !!!
and greetings to all friends and family and relatives
thank you uncle ah yet for your comments and rest assured that it will be a picture fest

signing off
jeremy fu

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