Saturday, June 30, 2007

some radom photo to see

to blog 30th june
hi there, been a while i posted. Was very busy this few days and have little time for posting . But now i am going to post this before i sleep as the next day i have an early morning shift.

Today was a hectic day , with lots of work and guests with many types of enquires. Very really busy till got no time to go to toilet till the last minute.

So hopefully for my break i will be able to go for more hiking and going over to mammoth to see my friends and say hi to them
i wanted to do that because i was very surprised that they were here . Maria from romania came to see me and 2 days ago , the guys from mammoth saw me in the edr. Wow really surprised and shocked they would go all over the place. Really very impressed.
Ok now i will post some previous group photos that i have not managed to post. Ok have fun back there and best wishes to kelly , jasmine , yi hui and all back in mammoth.

Ps: hopefully will be about to go to the parade for the 4th of july celebrations

Mother and father i miss u :)

signing out
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