Sunday, September 23, 2007

first snow in canyon

It snowed on the 9th of september and this is a back dated post but still nevertheless a post as i post. I remember i was on the sunday morning shift and went back at 2.15pm and was slacking around my room and surfing the net till i saw something slow falling off the outside of the window.

Omg it was snow, it was the first time in my life i saw snow ! I was so excited and the sight of seeing snow so pumped me up that i immediately went outside to take some quick shots and changed my clothes and went running !. Omg, i was just wearing my survivor tshirt and pants to run in the snow. Ohh my what a wrong move that was. I was freezing and my hands were numb in the freezing cold. It was really a bad ideal to go out running with no protection in the cold at the highest lodge in yellowstone lol.
When i went back there was a sense of satisfaction but the snow had already stopped. That to me was a good sneak preview of the heavier snow to come for yellowstone which i would expect in october. So have fun with the picture!

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