Thursday, July 19, 2007

field trip out in yellowstone!

today is the july the 15th and i am having the 2nd day off after the first of continuous walking after the first day and on the second day , we woke up early and decided that it is either the bus or back to the bunk to sleep. We woke up at 7am and ate our breakfast and went straight to the activities desk to en quire.

Saw jane there and asked her about the circle of fire trip. The funny thing is that the bus is not parking in front of the parking lot outside the registration and it was further away from the designed parking lot. Luckily we decided to go and see if that is the bus and that my friend kw heard that the driver was taking the manifesto from the activities desk and we just decided to go and try our luck.
To our surprise, that as the bus lol. We managed to get up with the help of our bus driver zack.
The tripe was enjoyable and also really interesting without the bus we would not have gotten even far enough to see all the sights of Yellowstone. We went from canyon over to lake to pick up some more people and then we went over to the west thumb geyser basin which was full of collaped geysers and hot boiling water. It was a sight to behold and all the basins were full of what people thought rust , but it was actually bacteria which was in it. Many beautiful sights greeted us and we were really delighted to see those basins live !

We then went to old faithfull inn and spent our lunch break there and the inn was a beauty ! It is made of entirely wood from the yellowstone and they had those really nice looking giant clocks and such , it was really beautifull.
Next we went to the mud pots and was really surprised at the boiling clay which was boiling under a geyser. It was a really interesting sight. Then we went to a few geysers and some were even erupting and spliting out water. It was surreal !
Ok no more talking let let it got picture got talk !

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