Wednesday, July 4, 2007

today and yesterday 3rd and 4th of july i had my first off after 10 days of continous working and was lazying around on the first day and on the second day which is on the 4th of july which is america's independence day. Me and kwang wee went to the grand canyon of yellowstone which is about an 1hours hike.
The canyon was huge and there was the lower falls and the upper falls. We hiked till lunch time and took as many pictures as we could and made our way back to the lodges.
The weather was good and the water in the canyon was running smoothly. We decided to only hike the lower falls trails and not the upper falls which we needed to walk all the way to the upper loop which would take forever to reach there lol.
The view were magnificient and on the way we saw people of all nationalities. Japanese , chinese , koreans , americans , russians , middle easterns , spainese. Really a mixture of cultural givings here.
All the way we were struggling to walk up and breezing to walk down and the canyon really looked like a split in the middle which a waterfall just flows inbetween.

Looking at the trails and the effort that the park rangers and authorities make the trial. Yellowstone was a really serious effort by the americans to make it a serious tourist and a natural hotspot for the world to enjoy.
I was impressed by how well maintained those trails are and how many park rangers are there trying to protect and maintain law and order.

This is a must visit to fully appreciate what the park can give us.
After this trip , i can know why people of all nationalities come to worship and enjoy what this grand magnificent place can offer
ok signing off tomorrow still need to work but in afternoon shift only . Hehe see yah !
And ps angela , sorry my friend really too much plans , will come to visit you one day.
To everyone everywhere, have a great week ahead !!!
posting pictures now !!!

layered cloudcover , really a beautifull sight
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