Sunday, July 15, 2007

should be cascade creek not grebe lake ! LOL

today july 14th got my day off and was really a good day to sleep as the mornings are raining and i slept through the afternoon when the sun came out and it looks good enough to come out and hike.

Our original intention was to go to cascade lake and recce and we missed a turn and walked out all the way to grebe lake. The road was so long and winding that we were really worn out we reached there. When we reached there, there was even an hour hike into the head of the lake trail. It was a very tiring and worned out walk i must say

the lake was really windy when we reached there and we were camera whoring all the way from the lake to back to the lodge.
I must say that this was a really self pawnage trip as we walked for 1hours and a half instead of just walking for half and hour to cascade lake.

Keke , in yellowstone travelling without transport is really impossible and well lets let the pictures do the talking :)

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