Thursday, July 12, 2007

Surprise Visit ! :)

Was slacking and sleeping on the 9th of july and was in a very slack mode and suddenly i heard a knock on my door and guess what jasmine and gang came over to canyon . I was shocked and am i dreaming !!! omg ! . i thought i was dreaming when they came and took awhile to come to my senses.
I was still in blur mode when i opened my door and they were asking me where to see the canyon and go shopping. It took awhile to come to my senses and i was thinking “ wth , they come so far to canyon , i must of course be their host lah”
so i quicken my pace and told them that i will change and be ready to go out to see the canyon with them and this will be my third time hiking to the canyon lol.
Ok the rest is history and let the videos tell the story ! :)

click here

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