Tuesday, August 21, 2007

alphine beartooth adventure

19th august 2007, i went on the most expensive yellow bus ride and that is the alphine beartooth adventure and i almost couldn't get on it until some guests did not attend and tamara kindly asked me to get on the bus. The full day bus tour was really interesting and it reaches out all the way out of the park and into the beartooth highway which has some really spectacular views of the mountains which they call the beartooth highway.
There were scenic turns and mildly cold weather. Tamara was a great driver and we saw a couple of wildlife which makes the trip a fruitful one. It was interesting to get out of the park to see scenics once in a while and we saw many cute animals which we really an eye opener. Ok let me let you see the beauty of nature. The bluetooth was named because it was a mountain that got pushed up by another mountain because of earthquakes and there were distinct overlapping of mountains which in turn create a surreal landscape and isolated lakes which is very extraordinary.
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