Monday, August 20, 2007

Cookout at Roosevelt. an unforgetable experience

scott who "advised" me to stay in roosevelt lol.

angela at the front desk

me and angela in te EDR

the Lobby of RL

went for the Roosevelt cookout wagon ride and dinner and was riding a teddy bears and breakfast bus ride in the morning and was conned by Scott a friend of Angela from Malaysia to stay in Roosevelt lol. I was virtually there for the entire day lol. Sitting on the chair and walking over to disturb and talk shop with Angela. Woa they are so much slacker then canyon man. I was then so bored that i took a quick hike to the back of the cabins to this small waterfall and went back just when it begins to rain. Angela was so serious behind the desk man and i just asked her to relax and smile which she did hardly lol.

Waited till 4pm plus and saw my friends at lake come over. Kaoz they like can go anywhere they like and was virtually allover the park just because they have got cars. Damn, meng chang and how kw kept on delaying and we have less time left to tour the park fully. Dun know what the heck they doing man.

Went for the cookout and boy were they organized and efficient ! . the most efficient cowboys around the park man. The company was good , food was good and the cowboy singing was also great! Met up with gigi and we had a great time talking about everything under the sun and this was why i only managed 2 steak. Lol. It was the first time i was on a horse wagon ride and i must say those horses really work very hard to get the almost 3ton wagons full of people to move. Salute the horses.

Overall, the cookout is a must go for people visiting yellowstone and no wonder the cookout activity is the most famous in the park !
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