Wednesday, August 1, 2007

cascade lake blog

on the 22nd of july, me mc , howkw were trying to get up the old yellowstone bus for the mt washburn tour but we got rejected again and again. So mc decided to go and join his other chinese friends and me and kw decided to go to cascade lake to recce for fishing.
We walk for almost 1hour and 15 minutes to get to cascade lake and the walk was actually very smooth and the scenery and breeze not too bad. There were no hard steep slopes and such , so overall a good walk !

halfway through we saw some fly fisherman which is the whole family fishing through cascade creek and we decided to go investigate what fish were in the streams and we saw juvenile trouts being caught and released. Really intersting as the creek looked like a long kang lol. So i call it yellowstone long kang lol. We saw flies and young trout and thought that it was quite an impressive place to fish except for the msquitos that were disturbing us.

When we went over to the lake , we saw panoramas and also a cute little stream and decided to cool our legs in the water. Shiok was an understatement. The water was so clear and cold that it was what we need after hiking ¾ of the way through the hike. It was really a god sent stream.

We approached the lake and decided that we had not much time left there and decided to just stand there and observe. Those fishes were really in the lake. They were like jumping and biting just about any insects which dares to touch the surface. It was really an intesting sight !

Now we know where the fishes are and after some asking around. Some of the other china and taiwanese friends told us that grebe lake has got bigger fishes. Hmmm.... time to plan for the first fishing trip !
Ok there comes the pictures !

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