Monday, August 13, 2007

two trips to cody !

sunday cody trip. Well me and heramb we jumped at the chance of going on an employee trip to cody and well ahead. I was on off on sunday and tuesday and i decided to go for the sunday one which was a personnel office one and the other on tuesday.
Cody is a nice little town at east Yellowstone and it is famous for its night rodeo and many museums they have of the wild west. Many things have changed and the town famous for william “cody” bill has become more like a tourist resort. William bill was a famous outdoor adventure cowboy and known for his daring and enduring love of the wild west and nature.

We went to walmart and did full shopping and missed out on the museum which was a tactical choice as we had a huge shopping list.
Walmart was huge and a little like singapore's gaint. Lots of goods and the funny thing is that a lot of the goods are actually quite cheap and MADE IN CHINA. Omg china is making everything in the world now man !!!.
spent on the two occasions and my bill came to about 200+ dollars. Need new shoes and such and was like looking around for room spray and such lol.

Overall a good trip we had and i had my first chinese and decent meal at a chinese restaurant. The poh pia was excellent but the fried rice has a bit of a funny favour and it was like tasting funny lol. Maybe im too used to singapore food lol.
Ok there are some photos i took at cody ! :) cheers !!!

cody is a night rodeo town full of history and wall graffiti artistically drawn
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