Tuesday, August 14, 2007

white water rafting in the gardiner river

on this 12th of august on the day after my birthday. Me, mc, howkw. Wang yang and two other Taiwanese people went to gardiner for some white water rafting. It was my first time doing white water rafting and was actually not very excited as i was not in a very good mood. We tried to hitch hike in the morning and only managed to get to gardiner in the afternoon and we were all searching heuristically for a rafting company which could give us a good discount. We searched for awhile and finally decided to settle for the gardiner river rafting company.

We went to subway for some quick fix and then went at 1.30pm to prepare for the rafting trip. The water people were really professional and courteous which really made us more relaxed for the preparation of the whole trip. We went on a bus van after saddling up on our life vest and paddles. The river was surreal and really interesting. Pure blue and green while white on the rapids.
We were joined by 2 elderly couples who was really pleasant and they sat behind the last two slots of the raft. Our guide patt was really friendly and guided us really well on the raft. Well he was a professional too.
The white water rafting was actually enjoyable ! Feeling the rapids when you crash down on the waves and having the water splash up. It was a feeling hard to explain. It is an experience man.

Ok i shall let the pictures do the talking have fun looking at the pictures !!!
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